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Dario Cherubino

Magic Maker, President of Almond Nougat and Chief Experience Designer

Partner of Azimut, in charge of the creativity stuff, Dario is a skilled interaction designer and event director.

While he is clearly mad, Dario served as speaker at many international industry events, including SITE EMEA Forum 2013 (Antwerp); BTC 2013 and 2014 (Florence); SITE Global Conference 2014 (Rotterdam) and 2015 (Delhi); Royal Conference Hall 10th Anniversary (Bangkok); Business Tourism Conference 2016 (Glasgow). Each time pretending to be sane.

President of SITE Italy Chapter 2014, Dario is, since 2011, board member of the Italian chapter of SITE - the global Society of Incentive Travel Excellence.

Annalisa Costarelli

Our Lady of Employee Happiness, Minister of Good Sense, and Fairy Godmother

Partner of Azimut, Annalisa, in charge of our Contact Department, manages our client’s requests and partners’ proposals spreading wisdom, delicacies and smiles. She is also in charge of selecting and taking care of Azimut’s new and old human resources and facilitators, and she is versatile enough to also helps both the Creative and Production departments.

She got the scary superpower to remember the exact date, client and detail of ANY event she’s been involved in the last few years, but she cannot remember the multiplication table.

Sebastiano Previtera

Space Cowboy, Supreme Reality Bender and Part-Time Superhero

Partner of Azimut, in charge of the Logistics and Production Department, Sebastiano has a very long list of diverse skills, from graphic to audio/visual, from scenic design to Tetris.

He oversees all the production phases of any show, teambuilding activity and performance, from the beginning to the execution, and personally select and manage all the providers, so to ensure a flawless event.

He is also in charge of the Accounting Department of Azimut. Just because he had a lot of spare time…

David Arcidiacono

Lord of the Labyrinth Warehouse and Tech Ninja

Tech maniac, dj, sound and lighting engineer, woodworker, iron forger, David is the longa manus of Seby in the Production Department, and in charge of the fixed assets of Azimut. Legends tell he is the only person who can find the exit of the Labyrinth Warehouse, so don’t dare to enter without him by your side.

And he also drives the van.

Tania Caggegi

Dream Dancer and Style Princess

In charge of both Sphera Dance Company (Azimut’s in-house dance company), and of the Emotions in a Bubble project, Tania is a talented dance choreographer and performer, and oversees (and often designs) performer costumes and make-up.

Animal lover, vegetarian, thinks pigeons are planning to conquer the world…

Ivan Napoleone Fichera

Keeper of the Book and Snack Charmer

Professional accountant, in charge of the payrolls and bureaucracy stuff, he is a resourceful guy with many different passions, including marketing, roleplaying and gastronomy…

But, the worst of them all is he’s fond of telling very bad jokes that aren’t funny, but that he finds irresistible. Anyway, his happiness is contagious.

And hopefully it’s the only contagion you will get from him.

Tomas Paladin

Multiclass Pirate/Wizard and Teleporting Master

In charge, with Rossella, of Azimut’s Tuscan office, he is a born-and-raised problem solver, and a proactive event producer.

He’s said not to sleep at all. Tomas is always the first one to arrive, and the last one to leave. When not working on an event, he works nights fighting crime. We are not saying he is Batman, but I’m saying no one has seen the Joker in Tuscany!

Rossella Palloni

Patience Sorceress and Wisdom Whisperer

In charge, with Tomas, of Azimut’s Tuscan office, Rossella has a creative mind and an in-depth knowledge of history, architecture, art and legends, making her a fundamental part of our research&development and copywriting departments.

Addicted to books, infusions and Star Trek, she has the duty to select and collect human resources such as performers, musicians, facilitators and hostess all over Italy.

Marco Zappalà

Music Major, Master Handshaker and Law Guru

Talented doubling musician (on piano and bass), Marco is in charge of the Music Department of Azimut, and coordinator of all of our musicians and musical productions.

While he’s not wearing the musician hat, he is a skilled lawyer, and the person you will have to fear in case you kill someone during an event…


Smile Generator, Cuddle Trap and Biscuit Lover

While her job is to provide a pleasant atmosphere to the office, seems like she herself upgraded her position so that her duties are to spread fur all around and sleep on soft poufs all day long. Her best friend is a plush carrot.

Still trying to learn how to answer the phone properly.

the Salvos

the Salvos

The Salvos are a mysterious inbreed of human-like creatures that live in the Labyrinth Warehouse. They got not an individual name; indeed, they are called as the first known specimen: Salvo. Sometimes they are freed by Sebastiano or David so that they can set up or dismantle audio and lighting services, video projections, or even complex and strange apparatus.

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